Jefferson County, Arkansas

Quorum Court

The County Judge presides over the Quorum Court without a vote but with the power of veto.  The Judge's Office prepares the agenda and all business of the Quorum Court.  The business is first discussed in committee meetings, then in a Full Court Session.  There are nine committees: Buildings & Grounds, Community Development/Grants, Education, Finance, Health & Welfare, Judicial, Public Safety/Emergency Services, Solid Waste/Recycling, and Youth & Recreation.  These committees meet on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of every month.  After business is discussed and voted upon in Committee Meetings, it is presented to the Full Court on the next Monday.  Each item is voted upon by all Justices of the Peace in the Full Court and is either formally adopted or rejected.  The schedule of meetings is subject to the county's holiday schedule.

The meetings are held at 5:30 in the Quorum Court Chambers of the Jefferson County Courthouse at 101 West Barraque Street.  Notice of special meetings are announced through the Pine Bluff Commercial.


2015 - 2016

Buildings and Grounds                                       Judicial

Sissy Granderson – Chair                                      Mandy Alford – Chair

Roy Agee                                                               Conley Byrd

Herman Ginger                                                      Morris Caldwell

Ted Harden                                                            Lloyd Franklin

Delton Wright                                                         Edward Spears


Community Development/Grants                       Public Safety/Emergency Services

Conley Byrd – Chair                                               Ted Harden– Chair

Roy Agee                                                                Reginald Adams

Morris Caldwell                                                       Herman Ginger

Paul Jones                                                               Sissy Granderson

Bruce Lockett                                                          Edward Spears


Education                                                             Solid Waste/Recycling

Lloyd Franklin – Chair                                            Paul Jones - Chair

Mandy Alford                                                         Mandy Alford

Morris Caldwell                                                      Herman Ginger

Conley Byrd                                                           Sissy Granderson

Bruce Lockett                                                         Edward Spears


Finance                                                                  Youth and Recreation

Herman Ginger – Chair                                           Reginald Adams - Chair

Sissy Granderson                                                    Roy Agee

Ted Harden                                                             Lloyd Franklin  

Paul Jones                                                               Bruce Lockett

Delton Wright                                                          Delton Wright


Health and Welfare

Delton Wright – Chair

Reginald Adams

Roy Agee

Mandy Alford

Lloyd Franklin