Jefferson County, Arkansas


Jefferson County is served by the 11th West Judicial Circuit and the Local District Court. There are six divisions within the Circuit Court and two divisions within the District Court.

1st Division:                  Judge Berlin Jones      870-541-5368

2nd Division:                 Judge Rob Wyatt         870-541-5465

3rd Divsion:                  Judge Bill Benton         870-541-5381

4th Division:                 Judge Leon Jamison    870-541-5383

5th Division:                 Judge Jodi Dennis        870-541-5377

6th Division:                 Judge Earnest Brown   870-541-5461  Website

District Court 1:            Judge Kim Bridgforth   870-541-4646

District Court 2:            Judge John Kearney    870-850-7584

Prosecuting Attorney:   Kyle Hunter                  870-541-5387